Month 8

You're in the home stretch of pregnancy now. Planning intensifies in month 8, as you begin final preparations to bring your new baby into the world. Making sure your baby's environment is safe is on the "to do" list, as well as getting yourself ready for the hospital or birthing center. You'll also plan who will be with you on the momentous day.
  Select Your Companions
Choose your support people and review the birth plan with them.

This month is a good time to line-up friends and family for other help. For example, if other children need rides to soccer practice or rides to and from school, now is the time to alert neighbors and friends.
You can ask family, friends or neighbors if they would be willing to give you an hour off from baby care during the first weeks so that you can exercise, go for coffee or just get away from the house.
  Make it Safe
It's true what they say. Most accidents happen at home. Take a look around your house and car and make your environment as baby-safe as you can. 
  Always Be Prepared
First aid kits aren't important, until you need one and need it in a hurry. Don't be caught unprepared. Assemble or purchase your home first aid kit now. 
  What's in a Name?
You've probably been mulling over lists of names for months. Or, maybe you've waited. If you haven't chosen yet, it's time to make the decision.

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