Month 7

Your due date is just 2 months away. Before you know it, you'll be circling the neighborhood with an occupied jog-stroller. In month 7, you'll be concentrating on shopping, writing a birth plan and making things easier for yourself.
  Consider Hire Cleaning Help
Mothers of newborns routinely say they are surprised at how little time they have for keeping the house clean. In the past, you may have considered a cleaning service an unnecessary luxury. But the birth of a baby can move professional cleaning from "unnecessary" to "can't live without it," at least for a few months. Hiring a cleaning service now will make the last months of pregnancy easier and you won't have to worry about it when the baby comes home.
  Develop a Birth Plan
A birth plan helps you think through all of your preferences about labor and delivery. It can be shared with your doctor or midwife and can serve as a guide for your birth experience. There are a number of details to consider. So it's best not to wait too long to prepare your plan and share it with your provider. 
  Shop for Baby "Must Haves"
There are some items that you absolutely have to have for your nursery, your bathroom and your car. Without them, coming home from the hospital with a new baby would be much more difficult. For example, you don't want to come home and find you have no receiving blankets. There won't be time later so stock up on these essentials now. 
  Shoes Can Be a Mommy's Best Friend
Now's the time to buy quality, supportive shoes for your wider feet and to support the new, rounder you. Choose flat shoes and consider slip-on styles (without laces or buckles; you won't want to bend over) that will stretch to give you maximum comfort and support.  
  Practice Your Breathing
You will want to practice your breathing and muscle strengthening techniques until you can do them without thinking. A good time for you and your spouse / significant other to practice is in the evening. Practice is a way to ensure you'll remember what to do automatically during the hard work of labor.

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