Month 5

You're more than halfway through your pregnancy now. Gradually, there will be more and more things to do in preparation for bringing the newest member of your family home. Your month 5 "to do" list includes insurance concerns, religious events and choosing companions during labor and delivery.
  Check Your Insurance; Find a Pediatrician
Get out your health insurance policy and look at the list of pediatricians who provide care under your policy. You may want to interview several pediatricians before you find the right doctor; so starting early is a good idea. 
  Check With Your Priest, Pastor or Religious Leader
How will your baby be welcomed into the world? You may have a baby dedication, baptism, or other religious ceremony. If so, call your place of worship to find out what is involved and how to schedule a religious ceremony. 
  Consider Life Insurance
If you and your spouse do not have life insurance, you may want to consider a policy at this time. There are different kinds of life insurance that serve different purposes, so you'll want to research policies and the companies that sell them. Many companies require a physical examination before selling you a policy. If you already have a policy, find out how to change or add beneficiaries to it. You may also want to increase the policy amount.

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