Month 4

Many women feel that the second trimester is the best part of pregnancy. The nausea and discomfort of the early days is over, but your girth hasn't expanded to the point that it's harder to get around.
It isn't uncommon to feel a burst of energy at this time. If this describes you, take advantage of your heightened energy level to tackle more pre-baby planning:
  Get a Head Start on Childcare
Let's face it: separating from your baby, whether it's for a Saturday night movie or a return to work, is never easy. Finding good childcare is a top priority, so it's never too early to begin looking at the options available near you: in-home care, nanny, au pair or day care center. 
  Get Your Financial House in Order
For most people, having a baby means rethinking the family finances. Just as you are preparing your home for a new life with baby, it's important to prepare your finances, too.
You may want to consider developing a family budget, if you don't have one already. If you have consumer debt, you may want to begin accelerating payment on credit cards and loans. 
Rethink your spending habits. Evaluate how you have spent money in the past and look at your future goals.  
  Consider Feeding Options
Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby? Consider how your baby will be nourished during the first year. If you are going to return to work, breastfeeding is still an option. This is a personal decision that requires careful examination and you will want to consider your choices. Educate yourself on infant feeding options.
  Make Nursery Ready
One practical place to direct the nesting instinct you may be experiencing is the nursery. It's time to plan a welcoming, interesting and safe room that you and your baby will both enjoy. 
  Contact Your Dentist
Even though it is generally considered safe to have routine dental work performed at any time during pregnancy, it's a good idea to have dental care performed early in your pregnancy when it's more comfortable to sit in your dentist's chair and you may have fewer pregnancy side effects than in the months to come.
And since infections can result from untreated tooth or mouth conditions, it's best not to let dental problems go. Special dental problems, including inflamed gums, also can be caused by pregnancy. Be sure to tell your dentist that you are pregnant and indicate any allergies you have or medications you are taking.  

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