Month 3

You're in your third month of pregnancy now and most likely you're looking and feeling quite pregnant. Your waistline is expanding and hopefully morning sickness is a thing of the past. Now is the time to begin making preparations for your baby's arrival.

Get a head start on pre-baby planning by:
  Sign Up For Class
It's time to call the hospital and make arrangements for childbirth classes. Some classes are held on weekends and other classes meet weekly for an hour at a time. Call the Family Birth Center, 541-274-6621 for schedules, or visit Classes and Events.
In addition to helping you learn what to expect in labor and delivery, and how to be an active participant in the process, these classes are a great way to meet other prospective parents.
Ask about newborn classes, too. These can help you prepare for everything from diaper rash, to what to do about colic.
  Tour Your Hospital
To put your mind at ease, especially if you are new to the area or you are a first-time mom, tour the hospital and the Family Birthing Center. It's not a good idea to drop in unannounced, so call and make an appointment to see the unit.
While you're on tour:
  Find out when you need to fill out and turn in your pre-registration forms. 
  Ask to see a labor-and-delivery room you will stay.
  Ask about how and when hospital or birthing center staff would like to receive your birth plan. 
  Ask about hospital policy on internal fetal monitoring, rooming in and other concerns. 
  Car Seats
Since there are few objects you'll have to purchase that are more confusing than car seats, you'll want to research safety issues, compare products and buy the car seat. Check with one of the Birth Center’s certified safety-seat techs for advice before you shop.
  Get Your Social Security Card
If you don't have a social security card, it's time to begin the process of replacing it. Why? The easiest and quickest way for you to get your newborn a Social Security number and card is when hospital staff is preparing the birth certificate. Without proof of Social Security numbers from both parents, you can't get a number and card for your baby.
  Baby Carriers
You may also want to get a baby carrier to carry baby around. If you like the option of a cloth baby carrier, which can enable you to carry your baby as you attend to daily chores, look for one that allows you to carry baby on your tummy or back with closures to make it easy to take baby in and out. Check with consumer organizations to find product safety and quality reviews before you shop the stores.
  Check Out Maternity Leave
Whether or not your pregnant tummy is noticeable, it's never too early to research your company's maternity leave policy. If maternity leave is not included in your employee handbook, contact human resources for a complete list of employee benefits and rights. Although it is up to you when and how you inform your boss and coworkers that you're pregnant, it's best to have your maternity leave plan figured out before the big announcement. Also, you might want to tally up any unused sick days or vacation time before you sit down to talk maternity leave with your boss.
  Carry a Water Bottle
Begin carrying a water bottle and sip it all day long. This is an easy way to ensure you're drinking that needed 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It is also a good habit if you plan to breastfeed. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to breast milk production and good health. It can also help prevent constipation and keep your skin healthy.
  Play the Name Game
Who is that baby growing inside you anyway? A person's name is key to their identity. If you begin mulling over names now, you will be sure to give yourself enough time to make this important decision. You'll also have a more personal feeling for the tiny person who's growing inside of you.

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