Emergency Phone Numbers

When you only have a few seconds, talking to the right person can make a big difference. Here are the numbers in the Klamath area where you can talk to people who are trained to handle specific emergencies. While these agencies and individuals will be able to give you valuable information, please don't hesitate to come to the ER in an emergency.

Sky Lakes Medical Center 541-882-6311

Fire, Police or Medical Emergency 911

Policy: Non-Emergency
OR State Police 541-883-5713
Klamath County 541-883-5130
Klamath Falls City 541-883-5336

Fire: Non-Emergency
Klamath County Fire District No. 1 541-885-2056

Crisis Center 541-884-0390
Poison Control 541-452-7165
Klamath County Health Department 541-882-8846 or 800-378-4127
Victims of Sexual Offenders 800-551-2934

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