Sky Lakes Medical Center’s Nuclear Medicine Department offersPET-CT image patients a simultaneous combination PET and CT scan, significantly enhancing the department’s diagnostic services.

PET – Positron Emission Tomography – combined with CT – Computerized Tomography – is a valuable clinical test for cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders.

Unlike other types of diagnostic imaging systems, PET/CT allows physicians to see minute chemical and physiological changes related to metabolism. While other imaging methods provide mainly structural information, PET/CT provides a look at how your body is functioning.

This information aids in the early detection and improved treatment of many diseases, allowing enhanced capabilities in pre-surgical staging, helps eliminate invasive procedures, enhances therapy monitoring capabilities, and reduces the number of diagnostic tests performed.

For cancer patients, PET/CT is the only way to accurately image many organs at one time to diagnose malignancy, and even provide information about whether or not cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

In addition to cancer studies, PET/CT examines patients for some heart conditions and looks for reversible damage as opposed to permanent heart damage.

PET/CT is also used in neurological studies, investigating brain metabolism in patients with dementia and epilepsy.

PET/CT is a safe and painless procedure that typically takes about one hour to complete.

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