Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services

Sky Lakes Medical Center's Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services (CARES) provide a medical safe-haven for those affected by child abuse in the four-county area. CARES logo 

Located at, 2421 Washburn Way, Suite H, the CARES staff provides a compassionate environment for analyzing possible cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect.  Call 541-274-6289 for more information.

CARES also offers treatment recommendations and referral services to victims of abuse. Where applicable, human services and law enforcement agencies may request the objective documentation of the medical examination and interview.  

Our goal is to offer expert medical diagnosis with speed and accuracy for children and their caregivers.  

CARES is among the leadership of the Stop the Hurt coalition, a community collaboration to prevent child abuse and neglect through advocacy and education.

CARES professionals insist on a thorough evaluation the first time. Evaluations and interviews are usually videotaped so that children and their caregivers only have to go through the process once.  

CARES receives a significant portion of its budget from Sky Lakes Medical Center. Donations comprise a major part of the remainder.

This video helps explain the role CARES plays in helping victims of abuse.

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