Our Doctors

The Center for Total Joint Care is a collaboration of Sky Lakes Medical Center and independent Klamath Falls orthopedic surgeons. These highly skilled physicians employ some of the latest and most advanced techniques in joint replacement surgery.

Yet what truly sets them apart is a shared love for the Klamath Falls area, and a commitment to helping its community members regain mobility and take full advantage of what the area has to offer.

Meet Our Team
independent Klamath Falls orthopedic surgeons
From left:
Dr. VanTassel, Dr. Knudsen, Dr. Casey, Dr. Heaton (seated), Dr. Wenner, Dr. Conaughty.

Michael J. Casey, MD
Karl C. Wenner, MD
Kevin T. Heaton, DO
Edward L. Van Tassel, DO
Karl R. Knudsen, MD
Jason Conaughty, MD

K. Knudsen, surgeon“The most important reason for the development of the Center for Total Joint Care was to improve the outcome for our patients. It was developed to provide a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to the care of our patients and to provide an education for the patients before they go into surgery so they know what to expect.”

-Karl R. Knudsen, MD

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